Why The Moon Is Ivory

Why The Moon is Ivory: A Book Report by Nicholas Lee on 12-19-08

Why the Moon is Ivory is a Vietnamese Folktale retold by John Manos. Jade Emporer, Queen Mother of the West, Sister Sun and Sister Moon are the main characters. The problem in the story is the Earth has no light. Jade Emporer has to send Sister Sun and Sister Moon to the throne room to do work. In the end Sister Sun and Sister Moon help the people. My opinion is the book is good.

The problem is there is no light on Earth for the crops to grow and for people to see. Jade Emporer is going to fix the problem. His first idea is to send Thunder Spirit. This is a bad idea because he is not gentle enough. Thunder Spirit's lightning is too hot and frightening. Jade Emporer sends Sister Sun to make light on Earth. Sister Sun makes light in daytime only, but not night time. Finally, Jade Emporer sends Sister Moon who lights the sky at night time. Together Sister Sun and Sister Moon light the sky all day long.

In Why the Moon is Ivory the book tells a Folktale about summers long days. Sister Sun is carried by summer carriers. They are old, so they move the sun slowly. The winter carriers are young and move fast. This is why winter days are short. The Heavenly Bear guards Sister Moon's coach. Sometimes he walks behind her and makes a full moon. Sometimes he walks in front of her and makes a new moon. Sometimes he makes a crescent moon, because he is guarding some of her coach.

Sister Moon wears the veil to glow her face and the moon is ivory because of the veil. This play is a Folktale that explains why the moon is ivory. I read this book and I thought it was great. I like the winter carriers because they move fast. I recommend to someone else to read this book I think is good.

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