The Fear Place

Story Review by Andrew Fridman

The story “The Fear Place” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is about two brothers who get in a fight and one gets lost. The setting is outside in the Colorado Mountains. The characters are Doug, Gordie, and Charlie the cougar.

The main character is Doug and he wants to find his brother Gordie because he ran away. Doug is climbing up the mountains looking for Gordie. Doug sees a cougar, and he follows him. He thinks the cougar knows how to get down the mountain. Doug gets down the bottom of the mountain with the cougar’s help.

The problem in the story is Doug is scared of falling off the mountain. Doug stays calm and is careful climbing down the mountain. He holds on close to the rocks. The solution to the problem is Doug follows the cougar to get to the bottom of the mountain. Now he can find his brother.

I like the story because it was interesting. I give this story ten out of ten. If you like the adventure stories you will like “The Fear Place” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

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