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Enormous elephants establish exquisite edifices and employ embittered employees it their entrepreneurship enterprises.

by Elena Petkova

The Ceiling

The ceiling is very bright,
The ceiling is very decorative all around,
The ceiling is very high up,
The ceiling is very beautiful,
The ceiling is like a bunch of diamonds

by Kate Brookner

The rhine separating the water

A old man sliding
on a rock and separating
the water with his right hand
and a pedal right next to him
the man looks like if he was
thursty in a desert

by Alberto Martinez

Busy Bees

To paint this picture you need a lot of
Colors like furious red, exciting green,
and calming yellow.
These many colors should affect you
but the structure is all you need
to picture this picture.

by Aahlea Adams

Death to Alive

I’m a person that comes from heaven; I’m also a person from the hell,

I’m also a person from the hell, One head alive the other side dead,

One head alive the other side dead, My brain crushed into pieces, Heart pounded to death so fast, I don’t know what shall I do,

I’m a person that comes from heaven.

by J.P. Wong

The Woman with the Dress

The woman with the beautiful dress
A light blue with a soft clothes
The woman how she has the beautiful
Flower with the pretty dress.

by Haya Abousba

Old man a young boy

I see an old man and a very young boy
I see them looking at each other. With
their smooth gentle red robes on there
body I also see old gray hair on top of
the old man.

by Jarod Louie

My backpack

My backpack is a homework eater.
She eats my pencil box and water bottle also.

She eats my pencil box and water bottle also.
But she is stronger than me.

But she is stronger than me.
When I hold her, I can’t hang on.

My backpack is a homework eater.

by Riona Fujimoto


Weird describes people
Weird describes fruit
Weird describes loud basketball hoops
Weird describes owl that hoot
Weird describes a lady in a suit
There nothing weirder than that
By Humera Shaikh

Just Lift up a Finger

Sitting on a sunny day,
On the front porch,
Up you flies a dragon,
Wings beating with force.
You lift up a finger and it sets on fire,
“Oh well, there goes that flyer.”

by Alex Kisilenko

Fur trades descending the Missouri

The giant boat is softly rocking back and forth
across the dark and motionless river.
The reflection on the water is like a parallel world.
Just like a mirror.
Only upside down.
The people in the boat are calmly sitting down.
They are like a boat in a mirror.

by Igor Myroshnykov

The Dogs

Dogs dash though dunken dounuts.
Then they dash through dark deadly damps.
The dogs dug deep into the delicious delivery.

By Simran Kanwar

View of the Falls at Vallombrosu

To paint this picture you need light and dark
quiet green for the trees, you need soft loud blue.
To paint this picture you need to hear
the waterfall drifting down the rocks,
you need to hear people speaking some quit, some loud.
If you were in that picture, you might feel nice and calm.
To paint this picture you need to have a good imagination,
and you need to know that colors is alive.

by Andy Petrie

Jack in Antville

Jagged jack in jack-o’-lantern
delivered in Jack Ville with a joker.
To Attractive, alluring ants in Antville
where we run where we hide.

by Gvansa Mangoshvilli


Should I or shouldn’t I?
I mean the cookie looks good.
So it must be yummy
Should I eat it?
Yes, I should
Wait, No!
Oops, too late
Sorry cookie
(but it does taste good)

by Ju Youn


Clams and shells in the sea.
Spears and Bows hitting shells like a war in the sea.
Ocean blue and mighty red. Shells colliding side by side.
Leaving little pieces of shell behind.
Now they are gone.
Just spears and bows.

by Michael Gordon



by Kayla Lipsey

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