My Side Of The Mountains Theme Essays

My Side of the Mountain Theme Essay
By: Rafael T. Quinteiro (Class of 2009)

The theme in My Side Of The Mountain is survival. In this book, Sam survives in the wild while trying to stay away from people. In many parts of the book Sam has trouble finding food and making shelter.

The theme is evident early in the book. On page 31, the author writes “I ate these as I went hunting for food.” This connects to the theme because it talks about him trying to hunt. Another piece of evidence is on page 63. It says “I used my oldest sweater for gathering things.” Also on page 133, the author writes “When the winds changed and the air smelled like snow, I stayed in my tree.” This connects to the theme because he knows how to read the weather and when to stay inside.

This theme is important to real life because it’s important to learn how to survive in the wild. I can relate to this theme because I really like nature and I have camped out a lot. Once a bear walked past my tent. It was really scary. I did know what to do. People could learn from Sam because he could survive in the Catskills without training or experience. In conclusion, this theme is important because everyone should be able to learn how to survive outdoors.

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