Chapter 22

Chapter Summary
There were many photographers and reporters visiting the Catskills. They were photographing and interviewing Sam. Sam’s heart was heavy he realized that he doesn’t have any more freedom to live in his wilderness existence. In June, Sam’s dad was visiting too Sam hesitated, wondering if he could run away so that he could conquer some as yet unexplored territory, but if his desire is to see his dad overcome those thoughts. But then Sam jumped for joy and then he realized dad brought the entire family with him. After the uproarious reunion, Sam’s dad explained that the whole family came to live in the Catskills. That was the night that Sam ate his mom’s fried chicken. And then his dad start to build a house. When Sam protested, his mother gently reminded him, “ that’s how it is until you are 18 , Sam.” And that ended it.

By: Haya

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