Chapter 14

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In chapter 14, Sam has a sort of Haloween party but the party gets ruined by some hunters who come to the mointain. Sam parties with the animals but when he heard the hunters, everything got worse. Some animals ren into Sam's tree and he got cut on his hand by Frightful's claws. Then, Sam chased all the animals away. He had the most real Haloween party ever. He also got sprayed by a skunk. For me, thats the worst Haloween party ever.


In this chapter, Samuel decided to have a Halloween party for the animals, and himself. He had cracked nuts, smoked rabbit, crayfish, and also made apples for the Halloween party. He invited the squirrels, foxes, racoons, opposums, and the birds that lived around him. But racoons messed Sam's house, and the skunk was stinging spray, and Sam finally stopped them. Also the racoons were playing with the foods, because they were already full. Frightful had awakened, because of these noise, and she grabbed Sam so hard that his hand was bleeding. Sam knew he had to get rid of the rude animals, so he growled and snarled and hissed and snorted. The animals ran away. This worked.

By: Riona Fujimoto

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