Chapter 13

The Autumn Provides Food and Loneliness

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In chapter 13 october 15 Sam IS thinking about going back to New York for the winter and going back in the spring. Also baron the weasel is having moldy fur but changing for winter. Sam feels alone but still wants to stay in the catskills mountain.


In chapter 13 sam is thinking about going back to New York city he also needs more food for the winter
he has been eating edible nuts and berries I cant belive he is still alive .

In chapter 13 it discribs how Sam is relly
by himself and doing evrything for himself.
Also it states that evrything is going fine and
he likes it there. ''I Sam Gribley, felt just
wonderfull just wonderfull'' pg86. Sam is
planning on going back home in the winter
and coming back in the spring.

by Gvansa

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