Mom's Best Friend

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by Kayla

I think that you shjould read "Mom's Best Friend" because it is a heart warming, touching story that tells about a mother who is blind and how her children face challenges and hardships without her.

The first challenge that the family had was not having Marit. Next was having mom go to an institute to learn more braile. Living without mom was hard as it said in my evidence, "It was hard without mom," on page 375.

In conclusion, "Mom's Best Friend" is a happy, loving story that I know you will enjoy.

By Riona Fujimoto

Do you want to read an impressive story? Then you should read "Mom's Best Friend." Blind mom's daughter, Leslie is worried if she didn't like new dog, Ursula.
Her mom is training with Ursula, so Leslie and her brother, Joel have to do cooking, cleaning, and other stuff.

Leslie really liked Marit, the dog guide that died. This is the evidence how she misses Marit. "I couldn't laugh. I was too tired and worrried. What if I couldn't love Ursula? Marit was the best dog ever."

In conclusion, you should read this book, beacause it's tells about importance of hardship and family.

by Kate Brookner

If you like non fiction stories, you will like the story "Mom's Best Friend." It's a great story for everybody to read. The mom had a guide dog named named Marit. Marit died and Mom was using a cane. Mom is getting a new guide dog. It is an interesting about the mom and her new dog.

If you like stories about dogs this will be a great story for you. There are many actions in the story too. Here is one of them. Mom's new dog, Ursula, is a little nervous when she's with Mom. After they get used to eachother Ursula is better behaved and Mom trusts her. Best of all she actually saved my life. A jackhammer was making so much noise that I couldn't tell weather the light was green or red. When I told Ursula 'Forward!' she refused to move and keep me from stepping in front of a car." Before, Ursula was not used to Mom yet. "Ursula seemed to forget her training. She veered on a street crossing and brushed into a bush. Mom had to make her correct herself by backing up and walking around the bush. Then Mom praised her."

If you need a guide dog or are planning to train a guide dog this is a great story for you. In conclusion, "Mom's Best Friend" is an interesting and enjoyable story.

By Jennifer

One reason why you should read mom`s best is that it talks about the relationships between Mom and Ursula. Mom and Ursula are the main characters.Mom is blind and Ursula is her guide dog. This is similar to personal communication between a dog and a deaf, blind, or someone who can`t feel.


Mom’s Best Friend
Mom’s dog, Marit, had died one day, which made Mom and her daughter very sad. Joel gave Mom’s daughter a rabbit, but she still wanted Marit. But, Mom went to the Seeing Eye, a place where blind people can get golden retrievers. When Mom came back home, she got another dog named, Ursula.

Ursula needed a little training, because she almost got Mom hit by a branch! Ursula also needed training because, she almost got Mom’s daughter hit by a car!! But she started to get a bit better. While time past, Mom and her daughter had forgotten their memories about Marit. But, Mom’s daughter thinks that Ursula is the best dog in the world.

I wouldn’t recommend this book because; it is a bit sad in the beginning when Marit dies. Plus, this book is about a dog that was a bit lazy at first, like when Ursula almost gets Mom hit by a branch, and when Ursula almost got Mom’s daughter hit by a car. I just don’t get the meaning of the story. Well, the rest kind of good, but the best part for me is, the end. That was how bad it was. Well, thanks for listening!

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