Mariah Keeps Cool

by Simran

"Mariah Keeps Cool" is a great story. If you like going to birthday parties then you wioll like this book because this book is about a girl named Mariah who throws a surprise party for her sister and her stister loves it because she said that it is oine of the best birthday parties ever. I like this book because i like going to birthday parties.

"Mariah is planning a surprise birthday party for her sister Lynn with guest bringing donations for the homeless shelter she works at." I liked this book because i like surprise parties and i like decorating for them.

If you or your friends like to go to birthday parties or even like to read about them then this book is the perfect book for you. This is a book for people who enjoy reading about birthday parties. If you like to read about birthday parties then this is the perfect book for you.

By Yu'Nasia
''Mariah is planning a surprise party for her sister Lynn.''Lynn works at a homeless shelter. Mariah friends helped her put up the donations at Lynn job why Lynn was gone.'' I like this book because it show how Mariah care about her family.''

If you or your family like helping each other this would be the perfect book for you and your family to read. This is a book for people who care about your family. This book is perfect for you and your family to read.

by Gvansa

''Mariah keeps cool'' is a good story because it gives good understanding of the story.
It also tells you what is happening. It helps you to do everything because it shows
allot of new words and phrases.

Do you like mystery? Well Mariah keeps cool has some mystery. Lynn is felling
left out from her sister because she dose a surprise birthday party. So it is like a mystery
for her. "I just want to do nothing on my birthday but rest in bed all day". Lynn fells left
out and she is also very sad. Have you ever been sad or left out ? Well that is how Lynn feels.
It is like a mystery for her. Mariah is getting ready for her sisters birthday party. Lynn walked
in and she was surprised and it says so in the story. ''I did not want a party but I'm so glad all
of you are here.'' They where so happy that they started dancing and said ''we did it. Lets all dance
So this is a good story for you if you like parties and mysteries.

by Ethan

This book "Mariah keeps Cool" is a book about a girl named Mariah who is trying to host a party for her older sister, Lynn. Mariah has her own group called, "The Friendly Five". Lynn works at a home. I'd reccamend this book for other people. I would like to prepare a party for some one.

If your a person who likes to prepare a party and likes to go to swimming teams than this is the book for you. I think people should read this book because they can try to realate to the story and what happened to them in real life. Here's some quotes the party. "I think Lynn suspects something". That was all of it so enjoy the book or not. (: ):

By Jimmy

I think you should read this story because it is a happy birthday surprise to someone and it feels very happy to surprise someone who you like. This story is very mysterious and if you like mystery then this is your book. This is about a girl named Mariah who tries to surprise her sister, Lynn.

Lynn was very upset when her sister forgot her birthday but it wasn't true. Lynn's mother tries to distract Lynn from the birthday surprise and at the end, everyone celebrates her birthday.

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