La Bamba

by Yu'Nasia

This story review is about La Bamba. This boy named Manuel volunteered to be in a talent show. This man named Mr. Royal dropped the record during practice and the record got scratched. When Manuel started lip singing the record started skipping. Everyone thought that he was just playing and they they laugh and cheered. He let them believe it.

I enjoyed this story because I could relate to it. Some things That I liked about the story were when he was dancing around because I like doing that with my mom. Some things about the story that I didn’t like were when the record kept skipping and he was embarrassed. But when Manuel did a fancy dance step there was a burst of applause and some girls screamed.

I would recommend this story to all students my age. The story was funny and I can imagine it really happening. All of the students in my class were laughing and they said that it was one of their favorite stories. My friends and I laughed about it all day.

by J.P.

In La Bamba, Manuel, the main character, volunteers for his school talent show. He decided he will be pantomiming the song, La Bamba. On one rehearsal, his friend,Benny, blew his trumpet. It was so loud, it startled Manuel and made him drop the record. This cause and react situation affected his performance.

This story selection is okay. Manuel's determination throughout the story allows the reader to feel his emotions, in a sense. " Yeah, just think you're a rockstar," was a quote from this selction on anthology page 166. This shows encouragement to Manuel.

I highly recommend this story to anyone in need of enthusiasm. The "moral" of this story is sometimes messing up means popularity.

by Kate

I am doing a review on La Bamba.Here is what happened first.Manuel volunteered for the talent show.At the talent the record skipped.Manuel felt embarrassed.He felt okay at the end because people enjoyed it.

My opinion of this selection is an okay story.It wasn't my favorite but it was still good.One of my favorite parts of the story was when Manuel had to lip sunc the words Para bailar la bamba over and over again.Another part of the story I liked was when the toothbrush was chasing after the dirty tooth.The dirty tooth almost rolled off the stage but then Mr. Roybal caught the dirty tooth. My favorite quote from the story was "Ask my dentist".I can find this quote on page 170.I like this quote because it was funny.

I would recommend the story to my mom because she likes fiction and it seems like a selection she would like.

by Rylan

La Bamba

The first important detail is that Manuel valenters for a talent show. The problem is Manuel dropped his forty-five record and gets stuck during the talent show. The sulotion is that at the end of the talent show, the audience gave out a loud appluase, that made Manuel happy.

I'd say my opinion of the story is good.

by Igor

My review is about the selection La Bamba. It is about a big talent show and a boy named Manuel who didn’t have much good luck. Manuel volunteered to enter the talent show. At the talent show Manuel had a big problem. Manuel was pretending to be singing La Bamba but the record started to skip because Manuel dropped it before. Manuel got so embarrassed when the record skipped that he ran off stage. But for next year of school, Manuel decided that he won’t be in the talent show.

I think La Bamba is a great story because it is very interesting and it’s short. I especially like it because it is about a talent show. I always wanted to be in a talent show so I can win a medal or trophy. But I didn’t like it when Manuel ran off stage. He should have stayed because the crowd was cheering wildly. My favorite sentence was “ The audience began to laugh and stand up in their chairs.” That sentence was on page one hundred seventy two. I like that sentence because its funny when everyone stood up and they weren’t supposed to.

I would recommend this story to anyone who likes talent shows , humor, and short stories. I like it because it is short but interesting.

by Elena

This is a review of the story "La Bamba". In the story the main character Manual volunteers for a talent show. During the rehersal Manual couldn't practice his pantomiming because the record player was broken. When it was Benny's turn, Manual's friend, Benny started playing his trumpet which caused Manual to drop his record. It was time for the talent show. People's acts passed and it was time for Manual's talent. When Manual dropped his record it got scratchedand now it was skipping. He felt embarrassed. He felt better when people said he was really funny and when people asked him how he made the record skip.

I think the story wasn't the best, but it was good.One quote from the story that was sort of interesting was "A girl dressed as a toothbrush and a boy dressed as a dirty gray tooth walked onto the stage and sang.

I would recomend this story to some people who speak spanish because the story has some spanish words and the song "La Bamba" is in spanish.

by Humera

This is a review of the story "La Bamba" by Gary Soto. This story is about a boy Manuel he volunteered for his school talent show. The first rehearsal his record broke then when the real performance came his record skipped he felt embarrased but when he heard the screaming crowd he felt better. i like this story because it teaches you that you dont have to be perfect everyone will like you anyway.A quote from the story that i liked was Benny inhaled so hard manuel dropped his record.

my opionion of this book is that it was interesting but the author should of described what manuel was doing in the talent show more.hesaid that he was pantomiming he should of described that more.At the beggining it says"Manuel wished he hadnt raised his handbut at the end he probrally regreted saying that. so this is the review of "La Bamba'' by Gary Soto

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