How I Survived Middle School

By Tracy Truong #26

The book how I survived book was okay.My opionion about this book is that Addie the popular girl wanted to be the president of the school but Jenny Mcdefee was a new kid there and also wanted to be the president of the school too.There was one problem nobody knew Jenny Mcdefee.So thats how people voted for Addie.Oneday Jenny made new friends and they dicussed it with the principal named Mrs.Bojaja and she said if you sell things that popular people use they might chose you,but it didn't work.The next idea was too give out credit card out to give it to them but it didn't work too. It was the final day and Addie won but before they count the votes they both had to write a speech and let the school hear it. When everybody heard Jenny said her speech they voted for her and Addie was really mad. Jenny said nice try to addie and Addie appreciates that.

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