Green Angel

The tittle of my reviewed is called 'Green Angle'. The author is Alice Hoffman. The genre is fiction and the book is about a girl with mixed feelings about her family and how her life begins to fall apart. The main setting is her garden because she loves to garden her garden. My opinion of this book, is it is very emotional and interesting in many ways.
I can explain my opinion only if you read this book. And this book will make you feel good, like things like what the main charactor (Green) feels the way you feel about your feelings is amazing.
Some examples are: on page 30— "I feel lke my whole world has torn apart because my family left me." and on page 21 — "I am now a nobody."
This book could be for people who alike to show and express thier vfeelings or people who have mixed feelings and lost one of thier family members. I will read Allice Hoffman books in the future. In conclusion, this book, 'Green Angle' is a good book for people who don't ignore thier feelings.

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