Eye Of The Storm

by Jarod

This story is about when Warren
Faidley a storm chaser chases storms
around all over the United States, Florida,
California, New York, and Montana too.
So the problems he faced were winds, tornados
and cyclones too but when he chases storms and
the storms chases him. After a day of working he still
works at home and developed the films of the hard storms.

Well my opinion of this story is it is a good job
but you can get killed or brake a bone. Some of the things
I liked about the story were when Warren was taking pictures
with out being harm or killed. The quote from Eye of the storm that
was my favorite was when, Dust whirlwinds ‘‘spinning’’ columns
of wind that looks like dust. You can also find this quote on page 60
of the anthology. I chose this quote because this quote spaces words
from each and other. So that’s why someday I want to be a storm

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