Duck Hawk Chick

Were does it live/grow? What is its habitat?
What are some adaptations that help it to survive? (Examples: large leaves, pointy teeth?)
Can you eat this plant or animal?
If it is a plant, what kind of plant (gymnosperm, anthophyta)
If it is an animal, what kind (invertebrate, vertebrate) and what type (crustacean, mammal, etc.)
Use your plant and animal kingdom sheets to help you with this.

2. Well… the duck hawk eat's duck's and it must need a really sharp, it spike's it's pray.
3.You probrobly can eat this animal because you can really eat any animal, other than poisonous stuff.I would think it would taste like chicken! (LOL!)
4.The Duckhawk is a mammal. it is also a bird wich I just thought you shpould know. And it does have a spine, so, yeh.

1.Where does it live?
The Duck Hawk Chick lives in North America.
They have most been seen on top of tall buildings.

2.What are some adaptions that help it to survive?
Their wings make them one of the fastest birds.
They can fly 200 mph.

3.Can you eat this plant or animal?
You CAN NOT eat this animal.

4.If it is an animal,what kind?
It is a verterbrate and it is a bird.

5.Having learned that day that duck hawk/peregrine falcon prefer to nest on cliffs, I settled for this site
pg.42 par.4

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