Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

The book Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is about boy named Greg Heffley trying to fit in at middle school. The genre if fiction but it is wrote like non-fiction. You may even think it was written like non-fiction because it seems very realistic. THe book was fun to read because it was wriiten like a diary and it was funny. It was funny because they play pranks on each other and say things like " I'll be famous one day but for now, I'm suck in Middle School with a bunch of morons." Also, as evidence that they play tricks on not only each other, but their teachers too, it says "….I was going to sneak a thumptack on to Mr.Warth's in History…."
I strongly recommend this book to people who like comics, fiction books, and comedy. I already have read other books and will read more books by Jeff Kinney. I will never forget the funniest things that happened throughout this book until I grow up. I thought the book was really moving and greatly well written.

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