Dear Mr Henshaw

by Ju

You should read "Dear Mr. Henshaw because it is an interesting story. It is interesting in two ways: The writing and how it is written. It is written in diary/letter form.
"Dear Mr. Henshaw" is about a boy named Leigh Botts who is inspired by an author, Boyed Henshaw, to write. So, Leigh enters the school contest for writing. Even though he did not win 1,2, or 3rd place, he got 'Honoralbe Mention'. He got to eat lunch with an author. That author was not,to his dissapointment, Mr. Henshaw but Mrs.Badger. Mrs.Badger told leigh that she loved his story and to keep writing. So, in conclution, "Dear Mr.Henshaw" was an inspiring story telling you to go for your dreams.

By: Humera Shaikh

I like this story "Dear Mr. Henshaw" and you will like it too. The authors dialogue is very understanding. The author is Beverly Cleary. This is one quote that inspired me and probably inspire you. “Today is Saturday so this morning I walked to the butterfly trees again, the grove was quiet & peaceful
And because the sun was shining, I stood there a long time looking at the monarch butterflies.

This book is about Leigh Botts like to write and he entered a writing contest and he was one of the winners and got to meet a famous author.
“Dear Mr. Henshaw” is a nice inspiring story. I think all writers will love it.

by Alex

If you are planning on reading a story called "Dear Mr. Henshaw", don't. It's about a boy named Leigh who likes writing. So he entered a contest at the school library to write a poem or story and the winners get to have lunch with an author. He wasn't having much fun when the author said she liked one of his stories because he wrote "like himself".
Here are some reasons why you shouldn't read this story. "Dear Mr. Henshaw" has uneeded information like him going to his friens house and Leigh being "very amazed" by the butterflies. Also, the ending is boring, Leigh just sends a letter to a guy named Mr. Henshaw.And what is so fun about an author telling a boy that one of his stories is interesting? Exactly, nothing. What's so great about a story with no real action?Even the dictionary is better! So don't read this book unless you want to take a nap.

by Aahlea

You should read''Dear Mr. Henshaw'' because its about a little boy who wants
his favorite author to come to the school but his author doesn't come, instead a woman author who writes girl books came and went to lunch,then he realizes
he's haveing a good time with her.

''Dear Mr.Henshaw'' doesn't have enough detail, but it does describe with a few ajectives, it doesn't say how he describes what he wants. When his author dosn't come. I like when he states his name in the first sentence of the story, then in the second sentence he starts talking about school. I really like this book alot,it makes me feel good.

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