Chapter 15

Return to Blood on the River Chapter Summaries
Chapter 15

One day there was no wind yet, but when they loaded up all the food, that’s is when their was breeze lifting up now. After they will now be heading to set the expedition , to England. That is when the gentlemen try to escape from discovery.
Captain John Smith Returns, and Sam is really happy because the gentlemen and the others are leaving us , and also stolen all their food supplies. That is when Captain John Smith stops them to go by getting the cannon ready. The gentlemen and Captain Archer loaded boats to the shore.
While they were hearing about the story of promising someone grabbed him, and Master Archer said “your are under arrest. John Smith struggles in the gallow, which is to tight to his hands and feet, he can also hardly move.
Master Archer tries to kill Captain John Smith, but then Captain John Smith speaks in Sam’s head and said “learn to channel your anger, Sam, and it will be come your strength rather than your weakness”. Sam said to himself, channel my anger? He couldn’t stop, so he ran up to Master Archer and he will knock him down and pummel the snought out of him.

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