And Then What Happened Paul Revere

by Haya

I think the story Paul Revere is interesting because it tells you about the American Revolutionary War . And you should read Paul Revere. He had his fameous ride and it was a dangerous mission and after that he got captured by British troopes.

Do you like History? Well this story is about the American Revolutionary War. And it tells you about a person , Paul Revere that was part of the American Revolutionary War . And this story talks about the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere was part of Sons of Liberty. He pretended to be an Indian at The Boston Tea Party . "He went ro Lexington to woke up John Hancock and Samuel Adams and advised them to leave town". Because if he didn't came the British troopes would arrest them. So far is interesting right?. After that he continued to Concord warning the farmers along the way. That was a dangerous ride, and he was by the British troopes.

by michael

Paul Revere is a good story. It tells you so much about the revolutionary war, or Paul Reveres life. It also tells you about Boston and when it was just a small town.

Paul Revere is a Adventurous story. It tells you about Paul Reveres home town in boston. it tells you the revolutionary war. one of the best parts of the story is when colonists pour all the tea in the in bay. If you like informational books or books about history this is probably one of of the best books for a research project.

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