A Boy Called Slow

by Rafa

"A Boy Called Slow" is a good book because it explains the life of Sitting Bull. It also explains the life of a normal Native American boy. You should read it because it will teach you history and entertain you at the same time. It is also just an interesting story.

You should read this book if you like action because it includes a lot of action. Slow hunts buffalo and raids Crow villages. He destroys a Crow armie with a coup stick and a lance. Overall, this book is a good historical fiction-action story.

by Igor

I think “A Boy Called Slow” story is a good story because it sort of teaches people about bravery. I think people should read it because it talks about a boy who was named “Slow” but then he wanted a new name. Then slow did something brave. He had a war with another Indian tribe and decided to be in front with his dad.

One reason to read the story is that it includes a little action, or should I say a lot of action. There was a war between Slow’s tribe (Hunkpapa) and the Crows tribe. Slow didn’t like his name so he decided to be in front of his tribe warriors to attack the Crows tribe. Slow got on his horse and stabbed the Crows’ leader with a coup stick. Then, Slow got a new name “Sitting bull.” It was Slow’s dad’s name.

Another reason is that in the story Slow’s dad (Returns Again” could talk to animals. Returns Again heard what a buffalo said while he was hunting. No one else hear what the buffalo said clearly. That’s why I think it is and amazing story and I recommend it to you.

BY Jarod Louie

I think people should read this story called "A Boy Called Slow" cause this story shows how brave, caring, power this boy Slow is. Also people should read this because this boy just wanted a much much better name than Slow. Plus I think peopel should read this cause it's a caring story about Slow.

If you like weapons, gunts & gor, and indians you should read "A Boy Called Slow" cause theres spears, wars, battles,and hunts in "A Boy Called Slow". I like this story cause it's a boy that people don't understand him cause his name is Slow. "A Boy Caled Slow" is a brave and a caring story so that ia why you should read it.

By Tracy

If you are reading "A Boy Called Slow" or you planning to it's okay. When I read it was okay. It was okay because I kind of like the action and the imagination. The part I didn't like was that when Slow's father and mother named his name like that because of his action. It's really good guaranteed.
This story is good because it has good details. If you like nice discription this story is going to be for you! My favorite part is when Slow's father said to him "My son is brave!" The sad part is wghen his friend made fun of his name. The weird part is the name and no ifense.
If you like cool actions and fighting you should read this story. This story is very interesting and awesome!

by Casey

i do not like A Boy Called Slow because there is really nothing. Sure it has "a fight" but not really.It‘s just some guy called "Slow" running up and hitting another person. Now does that sound boring?
i also don`t like this because of it`s writing style. Here`s a quote from page 472"his mother agreed.’We will call him Slow.' i think they state the facts and add "fun" words not just boring old "his mother agreed." i do not like it.i think it is so boring.

by Johnny

Thought of reading "A Boy Called Slow?" Maybe you should and shouldn't. Why? Because it has a great storyline and good action. Also, you can learn some words that the Indians used.

There are also some reasons why you shouldn't read it. First, like when the Lakota Indians raid the Crow Indians. WHen Slow, who is one of the main characters, rides his horse and hits his opponent with a coup stick, then the enemy retreats.

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